Brand Experience - Integral

Brand Experience

Together with our clients, we conceive new ideas, harness digital and design best practice, solve complex challenges and craft exceptional experiences. 

Our clients and partners value our collaborative approach and deep expertise.

We ensure that wherever and whenever you are found, the experience is a good one.

These experiences span visual identity, creative media, awareness that your brand exists, and storytelling – communicating brand elements both externally and internally.  

Integral partners with you to diagnose, understand, segment, strategise, and refine your brand experience across all touch points. 

Creative, reliable and adaptive solutions across the entire user journey.

Research and insights

Brand audits, customer surveys, employee surveys, focus groups, market analysis, competitor analysis, sentiment monitoring, and insights gathering. Our team is experienced at gathering data and insights, resulting in informed recommendations for strategies, marketing plans, campaigns, and experience designs.


From planning through to execution, our marketing specialists provide a wealth of marketing experience.  This includes annual planning and budgeting, campaign management, integrated marketing, and B2B and B2C marketing.  We are specialists in digital, social, email, search, performance and content marketing, and can work in an advisory, project or retainer capacity for the delivery of your campaign or annual program. 


Our content strategists and creators are specialists at developing content that is readable, accessible, and optimised for search.  We use customer insights and keyword strategies to inform continuous improvement of written or designed content. 

Creative design and production

Our team of graphic designers, production, and animation specialists will bring your brand or campaign to life through skilled, artful visual storytelling. Our creative services include brand identity design, graphic design, UI / UX design, video, animation, campaign creative and more.  

Performance marketing

Drive online performance for your brand with the right digital advertising approach. We help you navigate the changing world of digital marketing, ensuring you meaningfully connect with your customers and effectively measure results. We take the time to understand who your most valuable audiences are and identify where they are online. We then develop the most effective campaign strategy for you.  This includes channel selections [LinkedIn, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or specialised industry channels], audience targeting and segmentation, keyword research, content and creative assets development, best practice campaign set-up, and ongoing monitoring and optimisation. 

Communication and engagement

Communicating is our lifeblood. Our communications and engagement strategists will develop and deliver appropriate and effective communications and engagement strategies for your marketing, change, internal or other stakeholder engagement needs. Our capabilities include stakeholder engagement, consultation, facilitation, key message development, storytelling, and copywriting. Our communicators, copywriters and storytellers are expert at crafting messages and strategies to effect the change or action that you need from your audience.  

Experience design - UX, CX & EX Strategy

Our customer and employee experience specialists conduct user research, needs analysis, persona development, and journey mapping to inform user, customer and employee experience strategies and designs across all touchpoints with your brand. 

UI / UX design

Integral provides a full-service web design and development capability. Our UX and UI specialists will work with you to develop your sitemap and information architecture, map user journeys, and design the overall user experience. We then design and build the user interfaces from wire-framing through to high-fidelity UI concept designs that are ready for prototyping, user testing and development.  Our designers are specialists in digital user interfaces, staying abreast of the latest tools and techniques for digital design and accessibility.

Data analytics

As part of our research and insights capability, we make use of digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console and Data Studio, SEMrush, Brand24 and others to conduct baseline audits, and ongoing measurement and monitoring to ensure your campaigns are performing and driving results.